Build a Stronger UNT by Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion at UNT

Stand Together to Build a Stronger UNT!

When you give to any of the funds or scholarships listed, UNT will give a 100% matching gift to the UNT Together Fund.


This new fund is a university-wide initiative intended to build diversity and inclusion at the University of North Texas. It will create opportunities for programmatic support, scholarships and student-centered initiatives on campus.


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Multicultural Center

This fund provides general support for the UNT Multicultural Center. The center is committed to cultivating a campus environment where people of all identities and experiences can thrive. It fosters the success and awareness of historically underrepresented student populations with an emphasis on disability, ethnicity, gender, interfaith, race and sexual orientation.

M.A.R.T.I.A.L. Eagles

The UNT Male Alliance for a Rigorous, Transformative and Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning (MARTIAL) Eagle program assists students with building a strong academic foundation from which to launch into leadership opportunities while at UNT.

Equity & Diversity Conference

The Equity & Diversity Conference is an annual event hosted by the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access at UNT. The conference brings together hundreds of students, educators and professionals who are committed to equity, access and inclusion in higher education.

Pride Alliance

Support the Pride Alliance with a gift today! Established in 2013, The Pride Alliance was created to provide a campus office that specializes in resources on gender and sexuality and a safe space for historically excluded sexualities, gender identities, intersex and questioning students.

VP of Equity and Diversity Excellence Fund

This fund enables positive reinforcement to a plethora of diversity initiatives, opportunities and challenges as they occur.


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The UNT Black Alumni Network (BAN) Endowed Scholarship

The UNT Black Alumni Network Endowed Scholarship will support education costs for a student who has a proven interest in African-American history, culture and/or studies.

The Al Singletary Memorial Minority Endowed Financial Aid Grant

This fund was established to honor Al Singletary, an individual who cared deeply for his community, which included all ethnic groups and religions. This endowed financial aid grant supports students who are members of any recognized racial or ethnic minority group.

Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) Endowed Scholarship

The UNT Latinx Alumni Network Endowed Scholarship will support education costs for a student who has a proven interest in Latin-American history, culture and/or studies.

The LGBTQ & Ally Scholarship in Honor of Mary Finley and Dan Emenheiser

Giving to the LGBTQ & Ally Scholarship will have a great impact on the ability to continue UNT’s Ally Training Program, which satisfies the need for safe spaces and supports diversity and inclusion. Dan Emenheiser, Mary Finley and Sue Young, consulting with a team of faculty and staff, launched the Ally Training program in the spring of 1999.

The Finseth-Hawkins Scholarship

Give to this scholarship, which was established to support undergraduate students in UNT’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences whose gender identity is different now than the sex assigned at birth, and who are transitioning or have completed transition.

Minority Scholarship Endowment Fund

This scholarship provides much needed scholarship support for minority students at UNT. 

The A. Tennyson Miller & Joe L. Atkins 50th Anniversary Desegregation Scholarship

This scholarship supports the Multicultural Scholastic Award (MSA) Program and honors the legacies of A. Tennyson Miller and Joe L. Atkins. In 1954, Miller, a doctoral student, became the first African American to attend UNT and opened access to graduate programs. A few years later, a lawsuit filed by Atkins paved the way for African American undergraduates to enroll.

Multicultural Scholastic Awards

This fund provides financial assistance and student development support for academically talented students from diverse backgrounds. When you give to this fund, you help these students take another step toward academic success at the university.

Finseth-Hawkins Emergency Fund

Many students need emergency assistance at some point in their academic career. Please consider giving to this emergency fund for undergraduate UNT students whose gender identity is different now than the sex assigned at birth and who are transitioning or have completed transition.


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