UNT Faculty Senate Endowment Fund

Help support the naming of a new Faculty Lounge at UNT in honor of Dr. Bertina Hildreth Combes!

Dr. Bertina Hildreth Combes was the Vice Provost for Faculty Success and a Professor of Special Education who worked at UNT from 1989 to 2021. Dr. Combes enjoyed being an educator and helping students reach their fullest potential. She wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity and resources to achieve not only their educational goals, but their life goals as well. She valued inclusion and diversity and sought to make everyone feel important. She was an understanding educator who shaped students' interests and encouraged them to turn possibilities into plans. The one thing Dr. Combes wanted most was for everyone to be their best self and to never give up on their dreams. Her favorite slogan was "Do Good," and her life was a testament to her belief.

The purpose of the UNT Faculty Senate Endowed Fund is to provide unrestricted support for expenses related to the UNT Faculty Senate's developmental needs including, but not limited to, Faculty Lounge equipment, materials, and support for events, advertising and promotion, special projects, training, travel, lectures, banquets, award dinners or any related expenses deemed necessary by the Faculty Senate Chair (or its successor).

Every gift of every size makes a difference for our university. Give today in celebration of our dedicated faculty who enrich the lives of our students!