2023 UNT Athletics

Support UNT students and help UNT beat UTSA in Battle of the Birds!

It's time to rally and rise because the Battle of the Birds is ON!

Our goal? To have more philanthropic support for our students and university than UTSA does for theirs. From October 27 until the clock strikes midnight on November 4, we have the opportunity to join in generosity and be change-makers in our students' lives. We can help provide them with the resources they need, both inside and outside the classroom, ensuring they soar to incredible heights!

$10,000 hangs in the balance! It'll go to the university with the most support from their donors during the challenge period. Are you ready to join us in making history?

When you give to the Mean Green Scholarship Fund, you provide the flexibility to for more than 350 North Texas student-athletes to continue their education. With your support, we can recruit, develop and graduate outstanding citizens and representatives of UNT. Furthermore, you help show UTSA that UNT is bursting with pride for our university!

Join us to #UNiTeNorthTexas by making a gift to the Mean Green Scholarship Fund today!